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Extend cattle-restocking to all South districts, pleads MP

SINAZONGWE Member of Parliament Gift Sialubalo has appealed to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to consider extending the cattle restocking programme to other districts in Southern Province.
This year, only Pemba and Namwala have benefitted from the cattle restocking programme, a Government initiative meant to help farmers who lost their animals due to animal diseases.
In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Sialubalo said Sinazongwe too was not spared from cattle diseases just like any other district in the province.
Mr Sialubalo said that it would be gratifying if the programme was extended to Sinazongwe adding that many farmers lost their animals due to Foot and Mouth Disease.
“There isn’t such a programme in Sinazongwe district yet. Some of our famers just like any other farmer in Southern Province lost their animals. So when such programmes are being provided by Government, we appreciate.
“We have been taking our children to school, colleges and universities using animals all needed is to revamp and equip veterinary department and also promoting construction of dams for the animals to have water and grazing areas,” Mr Sialubalo said.

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