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Tempers flare up in parley

TEMPERS flared in Parliament when UPND Mwinilunga Member of Parliament Newton Samakayi accused the Patriotic Front (PF) of buying councillors.

Mr Samakayi said he had proof that the ruling party had been buying opposition councillors.
But Government Deputy Chief Whip, Tutwa Ngulube, said Mr Samakayi was just hallucinating because he had no proof to lay before Parliament.
Mr Ngulube, who is also Kabwe Central MP, said MPs were supposed to be factual whenever they were debating in order to feed Zambians with proper information.
The lawmaker said Mr Samakayi knew well that there was no market where councillors were being traded.
He told Parliament that it was unacceptable for the MP to mislead the nation.
“Why I am saying this is because Mr Samakayi knows very well that there is no market where the PF is going to buy councillors, I think when we come here as Parliamentarians we need to be factual,” he said.
Mr Samakayi insisted that the PF had been buying councillors in opposition strongholds.
He told Parliament that he had evidence to show that it was true that the PF had been buying councilors.
“I am insisting that the Patriotic Front has been buying councillors, I will lay the evidence so that people know what the PF has been doing,” he said.
Second Deputy Speaker, Mwimba Malama, at this point urged Mr Samakayi to provide proof over the matter after debating.
He said MPs needed to speak with facts whenever they were debating in Parliament.

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