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THE Green Party has challenged Energy Minister, Mathew Nkhuwa, to tell the Zambian people the truth on the current fuel situation in the country.

And the party has attributed the artificial shortage of the commodity to the deterioration of the Zambian Kwacha.
The fuel shortage entered third day yesterday as long queues characterised the few service stations that had the commodity on the Copperbelt.
But Mr Nhkuwa said there was no need for panic-buying of the commodity, stating that there was adequate supplies.
Green Party president Peter Sinkamba said the government was trying to downplay a big problem when it was very apparent that fuel had run out.
Mr Sinkamba was speaking to the Daily Nation in Kitwe yesterday.
“Government should stop giving excuses but sort out the matter as soon as possible because this is a big problem that requires serious intervention. The fuel crisis is there in the country,” he said.
Mr Sinkamba observed that the problem would continue worsening as long as the dollar kept going high and the fuel prices remained static.
He stated that the shortage of the commodity indicated that the Government was about to increase the prices due to the deterioration of the local currency.
Mr Sinkamba challenged Government to come out in the open and inform the nation the truth on the cause of the fuel shortage.
“Let them tell us the truth unlike just waking up one day and telling the nation that fuel prices have been increased. People need to be given ample time to prepare themselves because the truth of the matter is that prices will be increased,” he said.

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