ZAMBIANS must take the bull by the horns and demand from their political leaders that there is sanity in the manner that politics are practised.
This message demanding decency must be directed at politicians not only from the ruling Patriotic Front, but the opposition ranks as well.
The venom that is being spewed from the mouths of some political players is not helping to promote peace in the country.
They must tell some of these politicians that their conduct is a danger to the well-being of the nation. It is like they are preparing the groundwork for an uprising should things not go their way.
Even as August 12, 2021 edges closer when the nation goes to the polls, all must realise that the political contest among the contending parties and politicians must be based on convincing the voters about their policies that will improve their lives.
Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba has issued an apt statement warning Zambians to be wary of who they vote for next year, not to fall for political agitators he says are seeking State House at all costs.
His words of wisdom are directed at the political divide in the nation, that even as there are differences of opinion on how the country should be run, peace and unity must always prevail.
“Let us not be excited by political agitators who want to enter State House with or without votes. Political differences should always exist but within the parameters of peace,” Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said.
The traditional leader called for peace and unity in the country, saying no one should be allowed to promote tension in the country as he met former Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda at his palace in Mungwi.
We laud Paramount Chief Chitimukulu for advising political leaders to always preach peace and not to harbour hatred in their hearts saying those that move with hate are just wasting time.
“Political leaders should preach peace because the person who gates hurt is the one who is harbouring hate and not the one they hate,” he said.
There must be respect for the government and it is for this reason that we abhor some statements from certain opposition figures who are politicising everything, from the issuance of routine national registration cards to criminal cases in the courts of law.
By politicising the issuance of NRCs, some political cadres have ended up in trouble with the police. When the police have taken action, they have been accused of being politically compromised.
The bottom line though is that it is the warped thinking of certain political leaders that is building tension in the country for not wanting to engage with the law enforcement agencies.
On Thursday, the UPND Secretary-General Mr Steven Katuka claimed that police are compromised because they are getting instructions from the PF Government.
But he forgets that the PF is the party in government and has to ensure that law and order are maintained by the Zambia Police.
What all should be demanding is that there must be professionalism in the police service and that it should treat all fairly.
Police Inspector-General Kakoma Kanganja, reacting to Mr Katuka called upon all groupings that had issues with the police to engage them so that they could be heard as opposed to issuing inciting statements.
That we believe is the way to go. All have a stake in the country’s peace.


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