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ZAMBIA’S petroleum transport sector has been invaded by foreigners thereby disadvantaging Zambians, the Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia (PTAZ) has lamented.

PTAZ spokesperson Benson Tembo said Government should immediately intervene and ensure that the petroleum sector was in the hands of Zambians.
“It is very disappointing and against Government policy. We expect punitive measures against all the oil marketing companies (OMCs) that are disregarding Government policy,” he said.
Mr Tembo said government should stop OMCs from giving contracts which are a preserve for locals to foreign transporters.
He said most OMCs had continued to disregard Government policy of giving 50 per cent business to local transporters.
“To address these issues once and for all , Government should stop oil marketing companies from giving business directly to foreign transporters so that they are sub contracted to Zambians like we see in other countries,” Mr Tembo said.
Mr Tembo said very few OMCs were following Government’s directive on 50 per cent policy, as most of them were still using foreign transporters for their own benefit.
“We are in serious engagement with Government to ensure that these issues are addressed once and for all and our plea is that for now let us stop giving business to foreign trucks instead let them sub contracted by Zambians,” Mr Tembo said.
He said Zambians tankers were stuck because foreigners had dominated the business.
Mr Tembo said the association would continue lobbying Government to ensure 100 per cent petroleum transport contracts were given to Zambians.

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