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Contractor to pay for Alick Nkhata fly-over bridge re-do cost

THE contractor redoing the Alick Nkhata fly over bridge is doing so at own cost, a quantitative surveyor Tawila Mwanasikwanda has said.

Mr Mwanasikwanda said when the contractor had not done a good job and asked to redo it, Government cannot pay any cost.
He told journalists yesterday after inspecting the bridge, the contractor would get the same amount of money which was allocated to the project.
Mr Mwanasikwanda said Government had allocated US$72 million for the Longacres mall including the bridge, therefore, that is the amount of money which would be paid to the contractor.
He said that out of the total US$72 million, US$20 million was allocated for the construction of the bridge.
“When there is anything faulty during the construction, no money can be given to the contractor to redo the work,” he said.
And resident engineer Sabelo Moyo who has been part of the team which designed the bridge said that the contractor started to redo the bridge after the Engineering Institute of Zambia complained.
He said that the EIZ complained about the snag and the slope, which the contractor was redoing.

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