Increased data usage projected

GOVERNMENT has projected an increased demand for data usage thereby calling for quality internet service from providers, as Zamtel launches a new package dubbed Freedom Unlimited that allows mobile customers to enjoy free calling and browsing for unlimited periods.

Transport and Communications Minister, Mutotwe Kafwaya, said the digitally-led lifestyles which had been adopted by many Zambians would increase the demand for data next year.
Mr Kafwaya therefore appealed that the level of service quality provided by Internet Service Providers should continue improving in line with international service standards.
He was speaking in Lusaka during the launch of the Zamtel new package dubbed Freedom Unlimited that allows mobile customers to enjoy free calling and browsing for unlimited periods.
“The year 2020 brought with it unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic for the global economy and Zambia was not spared. Most organisations and businesses were forced to work from home. The Covid-19 brought to the fore the importance of reliable communication infrastructure.
“As a Ministry, we wish to thank the Internet Service Providers who managed the spike in internet usage at the peak of the pandemic. Your resilience and forward looking approach ensured that the wheels of the economy kept turning even when it appeared like the world was shutting down,” Mr Kafwaya said.
Mr Kafwaya commended Zamtel for its ever innovative approach to business which had placed the company at the fore front of the country’s digitalization journey.
He described Freedom Unlimited as a revolutionary product which had unshackled customers from the restrictions of bundles and minutes.
By introducing Freedom Unlimited, he said, Zamtel was responding to the needs of the customer as well as entrenching its position as Zambia’s most affordable provider of world class digital services.
The package is being offered at different price points ranging from as low as K10 daily plan with unlimited voice and data to K550 monthly plan.
Speaking earlier, Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta said Freedom Unlimited creates better value for customers as it puts them firmly in control of their communication needs.
Mr Mupeta said Freedom Unlimited gives customers endless possibilities as they are able to enjoy free calling and browsing without worrying about depleting the purchased bundle.
“This is a segmented time-based customer proposition on voice and mobile data in response to the huge demand for data consumption as more people adopt digital lifestyles,” Mr Mupeta said.

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