‘Corrupt’ cops warned


POLICE officers who will be found entangled in corrupt activities will not be protected but disciplined, police spokesperson Esther Katongo has warned.

Ms Katongo however said reports of traffic police officers being involved in corrupt activities had drastically reduced with interventions that the command had put in place.

She said from time the police introduced the direct deposit system and other interventions such as Point of Pay, it had since seen a great improvement and less complaints from the public.

Ms Katongo however warned that any police officer that would be found waiting, would be disciplined.

She also called on the public to report any officers involving themselves in illegal activities, saying it was against the police service for any officer to request for any bribe.

But Golden Party Zambia president, Jackson Silavwe has called on authorities to immediately create an Independent Police Directorate to investigate corruption, malpractices and general misconduct by officers.

“How can traffic officers spend the whole day watching vehicles at the traffic lights in a country riddled with high crime rates in our communities? The Traffic police department needs an urgent reset,” said Mr Silavwe.

Mr Silavwe said traffic spot checks were mounted indiscriminately without considering its consequences on traffic congestion and business.

He said the traffic spot checks and “robots” offences were used to collect money from the motorists for personal gain by officers.


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