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Wed, 31 Jan 2018 10:31:49 +0000

Cartel and judiciary


From what is taking place in our courts, it is easy to surmise that our Judiciary has been taken over by the all-powerful cartel which is using money as its bait to get favourable judgments. I have completely lost faith and trust in our judiciary system after noticing the non-ending nolles and acquittals. Something has terribly gone wrong and the PF government should wake up to this reality before it is too late.

Senior citizen


Pilato, a disrespectful little fly


Who is Pilato to shake the nation of Zambia?  Kindly advise Pilato to stop the music of insults. How can he continue to insult the President who is as good as his father? We all know that music is meant to educate listeners on one or two things but we can’t tolerate his style of music which is full of insults.

 M. Bwalya.


 Forget MMD


All plans to revamp MMD will be in vain.  Who can vote for MMD again after staying in power for so many years without any results? Let the MMD supporters join the upcoming political parties than waste their time in mobilizing the diminished party.

Mulenga Banda


That fake Chongwe prophet


The story of ‘Randy prophet expelled’ (Prophet Derrick Zulu) cannot go without comment. That was a good decision by Embassy Ministries of Chongwe because many of the so-called Prophets are hiding in their titles to do sinful acts. How are Christians going to trust men of God if there are the ones who are in the forefront abusing people instead of protecting them or rather teach them good morals.

Worried Christian, Chongwe


 Graduates from mushrooming universities worrying


The quality of Education which is derived from the so called mushrooming universities is extremely poor. Graduates who passed with flying colours fail to use the knowledge in the industry accordingly. Does it mean that the results are fake or just given on a silver plate? Many of the so called graduates are not able to deliver to their expectation. The government should ensure quality education is imparted to the students before they graduate so that employers should not have question marks upon seeing the university results.

Nyambe Nyambe, Lusaka


 Kambwili please rest your mouth


Please Mr Kambwili now know that with your court appearance there is a high probability of you going to prison.  But please rest your mouth. It will be the death of you one day soon. You are the one who is already crying not the person you have in your head. Work on your defence to avoid Mukobeko.

Chapman Liswaniso


 Careful ba Kambwili!


I am kind of confused here. Is it not Chilufya Tayali who took this buffoon to court for him to be insulting the President? Why is he not mentioning Tayali? Little does he know that his case has a trickle-down effect once found guilty? It means all his businesses thrived on corruption and thieving.




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