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‘‘POLITICS is not a business for the Patriotic Front but a service for both the vulnerable and the elite in society and that’s what this government stands for” Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya has said.

Ms Siliya said most people have a misconception that politics was a route for someone to get rich but instead most members of the current government are there to serve the nation. She said that a lot of the cabinet members and some members of Parliament had enough money even before they became politicians hence the notion that the current government is stealing from the people is unfounded.

“Most members of the current government and most members of Parliament that are on the Patriotic Front have had successful businesses even before they joined politics so it’s not okay to say we are using politics as a business,” she said.

Ms Siliya said the current government is doing its best to ensure that the lives of the people are improved despite the circumstances that come. She said that there is however the need to have a mindset change for the public and those aspiring to be representatives of the people that politics is about making money because it not a business but a service to the people that elect you. Meanwhile, Ms Siliya expressed concern that cases of gender-based violence against women have continued to increase in the 21st century.

 Ms Siliya said that this is a great concern as it affects women’s partipation in the governance and development of the country among others. She said that there is need for men to be champions in the fight against Gender[1]Based Violence cases if the vice is to be curbed

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