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Malanji unopposed in PF adoptions


KWACHA Member of Parliament (MP), Joe Malanji, is the only applicant seeking adoption on the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket after it was established that the other aspiring candidate did not meet the requirements.

Alex Chembo, the Kwacha constituency PF chairman, said it was only Mr Malanji who met the requirements of grade 12 certificate as the other applicant did not have.

“So Mr Malanji, who is the incumbent MP is unopposed in the PF preliminaries because is the only candidate on the PF ticket.  We believe that not many from the Pf had applied to challenge Mr Malanji in Kwacha because he has performed well,” Mr Chembo said.

He said Mr Malanji had worked hard on various projects and also effectively lobbied for road rehabilitation and construction in his constituency

Apart from lobbying for road rehabilitation works in the constituency, Mr Chembo said the MP had also empowered youths and marketeers in the constituency.

“Apart from these outlined projects, Mr Malanji has constructed a maternity clinic in Bulangililo Township using his personal resources and will soon embark on constructing another maternity wing at Ipusukilo clinic,” he said.

Mr Chembo said promises from UPND politicians that they would create employment for youths were blatant lies which should not be entertained.

He said the UPND leaders were labelling the Pf officials and Ministers as corrupt because they merely wanted to incite the people against Government.

“The UPND have nothing better to tell Zambians and have resorted to telling lies. Instead of telling lies, they should help people in various areas to show them that they care for them.

“They don’t want to help the vulnerable in various communities because they are stingy people, but want to divert their stinginess by accusing the Pf officials and ministers of being corrupt and thieves,” he said.


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