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‘M’MEMBE IS MALICIOUS’… his propaganda is useless


Tinpot, tyrants tainted by allegations of tax avoidance should not be allowed to drive a perverted national agenda, that is empty of substance but driven by demagoguery populist rhetoric focused at harassing and hounding State House occupants.

These politicians, according to Antonio Mwanza, have made it their lifetime job and preoccupation to malign and torment leaders who are in State House.

Mr. Mwanza who is Patriotic Front deputy media director said State House was for law abiding leaders who held the plight of poor Zambians in high esteem.

“The fact that the same coterie had  accused and maligned all former Presidents of all manner of crimes proved that they did not mean well”.

 “President Kaunda was voted out of office on accusation of copper/cobaltgate stealing, President Chiluba  was driven to his early grave on corruption charges, President Mwanawasa was insulted of tribal forestry and corruption, President Banda of corruption and late President Sata of corruption when he failed to toe their line.”” An academic Stanley Mulenga also said.

Zambians, he said, should put aside the culture of demonizing leaders as a means of gain pernonal popularity.

In reacting to sentiments by Socialist Party leader, Fred M’membe that Zambians  could get rid of President Edgar Lungu the same way they got rid of former Presidents Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda, Mr Mwanza said that those who dished accusations should introspect.

Mr Mwanza said Mr M’membe must focus on explaining the loan of US$5.5 million which was procured from the Development Bank of Zambia and the Intermarket Bank and the tax avoidance allegations rather than behaving like the “messiah.”

He said Zambians cannot stoop so low as to vote for tinpots and tyrants, saying that all individuals who were scheming to tarnish the image of the Head of State would hit a snag.

Mr Mwanza advised Mr M’membe to stop propagating evil schemes through his media organisations.

He urged Mr M’membe to stop demoralising Zambians because he had many issues of personal integrity he must explain.

“Mr M’membe should explain the Zambian Airways collapse and the loan of US$5.5 million which was procured from Development Bank of Zambia and the Intermarket Bank. He has not yet explained allegations of tax avoidance but is busy pretending to be a saint,” Mr Chanda said.

And Mr Mwanza said President Lungu had nothing to worry about because the massive development he had rolled out across the country would campaign for him in the upcoming August elections.

He said politicians who were busy making noise at the expense of offering constructive checks and balances would forever remain in the opposition because Zambians would judge them by their works.


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