Nevers advises electorates

Fri, 14 Dec 2012 09:47:56 +0000

Nevers_Mumba_ChituwoMMD President Nevers Mumba has advised the electorate on the Copperbelt not to make another mistake of voting for the Patriotic Front (PF) in the 2016 elections because the PF is a government of lies and has no plan for national development.

And Dr Mumba has urged the MMD dominated councils to distinguish themselves from the PF-dominated councils by making intelligent decisions that would help improve service delivery to the residents in their areas.

The courageous and outspoken MMD President was speaking on Monday in Lufwanyama after paying a courtesy call on Chief Nkana before he was arrested for unlawful assembly in Kalulushi by the police who were trailing him from Lufwanyama on Kalengwa road.

During his tour, the youths told Dr Mumba that they were suffering because they was no employment and that the PF government was not showing signs of fulfilling its campaign promises of job creation.

One of the youths, Brian Kakoma said youths expected the PF government to create jobs as it promised, but they were disappointed that they were no signs of employment in the more than one year of PF in government.

“Despite promising us that PF will deliver everything in 90 days, we haven’t seen anything as youths. There is no employment. Gemstone mining companies only employ their relatives leaving us, the owners of the land suffering. This is sad.

“We have many gemstone mining companies in Chief Nkana’s area, but we have not seen anything worth benefiting from. Just look at the bad state of the road and you even question what kind of Social corporate responsibility they have,” Mr Kakoma said.

Dr. Mumba said the PF government had failed to show leadership in just more than one year of being in government as evidenced by a number of things taking place in the country.

He said the shortage of mealie-meal, the delayed delivery of agricultural inputs and the delayed payment of farmers for the maize they had sold to Food Reserve Agency (FRA) were some of the things pointing to the PF government’s failure to plan and provide leadership.

“During the time of the MMD, people talked all sorts of things castigating MMD, but now, Zambians have seen that they actually scored an own goal by voting for PF. Yes, they scored an own goal because there is confusion in Zambia. PF is failing to provide leadership.

“Being a leader means finding solutions to the problems facing the country, but we are not seeing leadership under PF. It has failed to find solutions to mealie meal shortages, some farmers have not been paid, while some farmers have not received fertilizer and other inputs.

“With this kind of situation, surely, you can’t compare MMD to PF. MMD had a plan of national development. We had a plan for the agriculture, mining and other sectors of the economy. Under MMD, agriculture developed and many retirees went into agriculture because of the good policies of the MMD,” He said.

And Dr Mumba has advised the MMD dominated councils to distinguish themselves from PF-dominated run councils by making intelligent decisions to improve service delivery to the people.

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