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‘Reckless’ Liswaniso slammed


IT is being reckless for Gilbert Liswaniso to instigate violence by advising UPND youths to fight at a time when all responsible citizens are calling for peace and coexistence, Zambia Jubilee Coalition Secretary General Kwaela Mwanza has said.

Mr Mwanza said it was unfortunate that UPND has continued to advocate for violence when various stakeholders have been calling for peace.

He said police should be vigilant and ensure that people advocating for violence are caged before they plunge the country into chaos.

Mr Mwanza said it was unfortunate some politicians have continued issuing irresponsible statements that would bring confusions in the country.

“We are very disappointed with UPND national youth chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso for issuing irresponsible statements that encourage violence by encouraging youths to fight back,” Mr Mwanza said.

Mr Mwanza said the statement was careless and irresponsible and should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

He said the statement has potential to plunge the country into chaos.

He said he was concerned with some statements coming from politicians that he said had potential to ruin the peace the Country had enjoyed over the years.

“The statement by Mr Liswaniso is careless and irresponsible and has potential to cause pandemonium in the country,” said Mr Mwanza.


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