Step down, Sata advised

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 13:07:39 +0000

President Michael Sata  should step down for the failure by his government to perform to expectations of Zambians, says former MMD aspiring presidential candidate Nason Msoni.
Mr Msoni said the country under the PF administration has lost political and economic direction and that this was the reason why the country was experiencing having a lot of crises in most areas.
He called on Members of Parliament to examine what was happening in the current administration and call for impeachment of the President.
“We want a new leader to take over the state of affairs because Mr Sata has failed us.
Zambians can’t stand this type of poor performance. He has failed and we want  him out of the office.  He charged that the calibre of ministers that were serving under the PF had run short of what the former government had.
Mr Msoni bemoaned the deteriorating democratic principles under the PF government and said that President Sata should swallow his pride and call for fresh elections.
“The democratic dispensation under the PF and Mr Sata has gone to the worst. Can Mr Sata be brave enough and call for fresh elections in the next six months. We know he is mandated to go up to 2016 but that mandate is not absolute.
“We want Mr Sata to call for fresh elections because he is performing below par. The PF is full of politicians that do not have the country at heart.
“Mr Sata is a disappointment because he has failed to run government and one such example is his failure to hold a Press Conference at which he is expected to state which direction his government has taken,” Mr Msoni said.
President Sata’s promises to the people of Zambia were just for propaganda purposes because nothing tangible had materialised.
The opposition member said it was time for Mr Sata to act as a statesman and call for elections so that a new government could be put in place.
Mr Msoni said Zambians could not be subjected to this type of poor performance by the current regime.
“We want these elections in the next six months because as a country we can’t continue like this. We know the country has the capacity to hold another general election and we challenge the President to tell the nation why the country can’t go for an election as he is fully aware that his performance was below expectation,” he said.

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