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A MAN caused laughter in the magistrate’s court when he narrated how he identified steps of an accused person in a burglary case This is in a case in which Shimwaka Muzoka, aged 28 of Kabangwe area is charged with one count of burglary and theft.

Particulars were that Muzoka broke into the house of Mr Fred Kabuno on the night of January 1 2021. The matter came up for continued trial before magistrate Nsunge Chanda Testifying for the prosecution, Mr Charles Ng’andu said he has known Muzoka for a long time. He said on the material night, Mr Kabuno went to wake him up and asked him to come with him at his house and check what had happened.

 Mr Ng’andu said when he arrived, he saw that the door to the main house was open and there was a slasher on the ground. He said he told Mr Kabuno that it could be Muzoka who had broken into his house. Mr Ng’andu said he knew the shoes that Muzoka has and could tell from the footprints on the ground.

He said he noticed that there was a wooden handle of a pick on the ground. He said the following day, he escorted Mr Kabuno to report the matter at Westhood police station. Under cross examination by Muzoka, Mr Ng’andu insisted that it was the accused’s footprints that were showing in the soil.

Mr Ng’andu said he could tell they were the accused’s footprints even though the lighting was not adequate. He said he did not see the accused breaking into the house of the complainant. Mr Ng’andu said he had no reason to lie against the accused but was saying what he saw.

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