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Vote for ‘resident’ MPs – UPND


THE electorate should elect local people who appreciate the challenges in respective constituencies, UPND Nkana constituency aspiring Member of Parliament Godfrey Kapalanaka has said.

Mr Kapalanaka said it was unfortunate that over the past years, people who were elected as MPs for Nkana constituency came from other areas, the reason he said left many challenges unattended to because they did not appreciate them.

He said in Kitwe in an interview that many of them came from elsewhere in the name of serving the people but to no avail.

It was for this reason, he said, that the electorate should vote for local people whom they had known for a long time.

He said it was important to vote for candidates, who were resident in a particular constituency rather than “importing” them from elsewhere.

Mr Kapalanaka was speaking shortly after he submitted his application for adoption on the UPND ticket at the District Secretariat on Tuesday afternoon.

“Nkana being a cosmopolitan constituency attracts a lot of people who have intentions of enriching themselves. This is the reason that motivated me to contest the seat.

“It is high time people had an MP born and bred in Nkana because they are the only ones who can appreciate the challenges that the people have been going through. People have been cheated enough,” he said.

Mr Kapalanaka explained that this would be the only opportunity that the electorates would see an MP who already had plans and projects for the area in place.

He however said that he was ready to support whoever the party would chose should he not be adopted.

He said that the party was bigger than anyone and that its decisions should be respected and followed by everyone.

Mr Kapalanaka added that he was willing to work with the person that the party would chose, stating that he was also ready to channel all the resources that were meant for his campaign to them.


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