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A LUSAKA resident Aneshi Chipungu has sued Kitwe based lawyer of Nyorongo and Company Kondwani Musukwa for failure to provide child support.

She is being presented by Simeza and Sangwa Associates in this matter before the Lusaka High Court.

Ms Chipungu said Mr Musukwa has failed to render support to their 10-year-old child for the past six years now, when he had capacity to do so.

It is believed that after the child was born in 2010, Mr Musukwa had not provided any financial support.

She wants the Lusaka High Court to order Mr Musukwa to start providing support to the child with school fees and monthly maintenance.

Ms Chipungu also wants Mr Musukwa to be providing K16,000 for school fees and K5,000 for monthly maintenance.

“Our client instructs that you and our client had a child together namely, Kondwani Musukwa Junior who was born in 2010 and now aged 10 years old.

“Our client instructs that after the Child’s birth in 2010 you did not provide any support to the child, financially or howsoever for over 6 years. You only began to contribute towards the school fees from about 2017 onwards.

“Our instructions are however that you have only been contributing a paltry sum of K2,000 per term towards the school fees for the child notwithstanding the fact that the fees together with other conveniences total are in excess of K 16,000 per term.

“Despite numerous requests and demands, you have refused or neglected to pay the correct amount for school fees and to contribute towards the maintenance of the child when the fact that you have the capacity to do so,” part of the affidavit said.

She said, therefore, that it was prudent that Mr Musukwa should start to pay full amount of school fees and monthly maintenance without fail.

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