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POLITICAL leaders under the belief that there will be change of Government after the August 12 elections are daydreaming, adopted PF candidate for Chinsali Kalalwe Mukosa has said.

Mr Mukosa said Zambians were happy with the PF Government’s development agenda and were ready to give the ruling party another mandate.

He said the opposition would have it hard to unseat the PF even if they form alliances.

Mr Mukosa said it was a daydream for some political leaders to think that a wind of change was hovering over Zambia when citizens were happy with PF.

He said President Edgar Lungu would win with a landslide victory and no party or alliance would be a March in the upcoming elections.

“Political leaders talking about change of government are daydreaming. This election will be a walk over because Zambians want PF to continue. They are happy with the development witnessed so far and want more. So no wind of change,” he said.

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