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By Jackson Mapapayi
The Human Rights Commission has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to give guidelines to political parties on how to carry out their campaigns during this year’s general elections amidst the Covid19 pandemic.

Speaking at the end of two day inter party dialogue meeting on the Public Order Act, HRC head of research Silvester Hamuyumbe said the commission has to quickly come on board and guide political parties on how to go about with their campaigns activities.

Mr Hamuyumbe said there has been some concerns from opposition political parties that they are being restricted in their campaign activities in the name of Covid19 while the ruling party has been left freely campaigning.

We are of a view that the restrictions should be adhered to by all political parties, it shouldn’t be one sided. And that way, we are going to have a very peaceful and violent free elections,” he said.

Mr Hamuyumbe  assured the political parties in the district and the province as a whole that the HRC will work with ECZ in ensuring that peace and order is maintained by all political parties ahead of the polls.

Meanwhile, political parties have applauded the Human Rights Commission for its efforts to educate political parties on dialogue.

Speaking on behalf of other political parties, Harold Zhaimo of Democratic Party appealed to all political parties participating in this year’s general elections to advise their supporters on the importance of dialogue before, during and after the general elections.

“My message to the people out there is that let us observe the Public Order Act, because this is the only way we can avoid confronting each other as political parties,” he said.

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