CP The Rap King wants to go global


I want to become an international artiste from the real ghetto, who will be there to inspire someone to work hard in whatever their talent is, knowing opportunity is there when you are willing to take it,says emerging artiste Tevin Mutimba Fonseka stage name CP the Rap King.

It was back in 2013 when he found the courage to stand behind the mic and share his ideas through music.

After a successful period of High School rap battles, CP was fortunate enough to link up with Chingola’s outspoken music producer and guide Vue Smallz who transformed his music dream into a career.

CP released a number of single records with Vue Smallz, mostly songs that talked about inspiration from the ghetto, how people with potential are sidelined due to low social status, drug addiction and teenage sex. He intends to impart fellow youths with positive ideas but importantly his music teaches how to wisely look out for opportunity the very moment it knocks on your door.

CP the Rap King

But just like any other youth from the ghetto, CP has been a victim of a dificault background especially that he was raised by an unemployed single mother who had to make sure he went to school and had atleast a meal for the day.

In his recently released mixtape, “The Big Vision” which is entirely produced at Yeah Baby Music by producer Vue Smallz, the fast growing rapper has notable songs like “My Kwacha” which appreciates the efforts of a typical African woman;

“Warrior” in which he expressed his hard fought for life and challenged upbringing, “Single at 40” and “Pray For Tomorrow” among other club bangers such as “Umunga”. It features various artistes such as Pablo Piccasso, Jay D, Noiy & Tremaya.

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