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THE Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZANUT) has backed government decision not to close schools amidst the Covid-19 third wave.

ZANUT Secretary-General Newman Bubala said in an interview the decision whether or not to close schools is purely in the hands of the ministry of Health and if they know that they are able to contain the Covid-19 using the system that has been put in place then it’s fine.

“The system that we have put in place is working, children come masked up, they wash their hands and so on.  There is no problem in that system, but if we realise that the situation was getting  out of control and many are getting infected then  the ministry of Health would advise,” he said

Ministry of Health spokesperson Dr Abel Kabaso said schools will not be closed due to the emergence of the Covid-19 third wave as measures have been put in place and adjustments   made in this new normal.

Meanwhile, ZANUT has further appealed to the ministry of Health to continue interacting with the ministry of General Education so that the two ministries can advise each other on the issue.

Mr Bubala has also urged the ministry of Health to ensure effective flow of information to forestall any emergencies.

Mr. Bubala said the fact that the ministry of Health do not have any plans to close schools means there is not much danger that can raise that kind of concern.

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