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OUR aim is to unite the country because we are concerned with divisions on tribal lines, Zambians United for Sustainable Development (ZUSD) running mate Rosemary Chivumba has said.

Chivumba said it was not healthy for the country to be divided on tribal lines and that if left unchecked it could get out of hand.

She said the ZUSD wanted to see a Zambia that would be united in all aspects.

Ms Chivumba said that once in power, her party would facilitate training for women and youths in entrepreneurship so that they do not depend on employment.

She said that the party would encourage women to go back to school and that children would benefit from a funding towards upbringing of their children.

And ZUSD President, Lazarus Chisela, said the party was speaking for the disadvantaged, marginalized and under-served.

Mr Chisela said once in power his party would create systems and corruption-free institutions to distribute power and ensure sustainability.

 “ZUSD will implement a new education system that will equip all our learners with research skills that will be used to discover and sustainably convert natural resources into finished products.”

“An education system that will be the centre of every development, meaning our institutions of learning will be used to resolve challenges of Zambia without recourse to simple common sense but scientifically proven solutions,” he said.

Mr Chisela explained that ZUSD would establish a Presidential Advisory Council appointed on volunteer basis to advise the President, in addition to Cabinet.

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