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ZAMTEL has started expanding key data network equipment meant to improve customer internet experience.

The network upgrade will take four weeks and expected to be completed next month.

The expansion of the Data Core Network has been necessitated by the steady increase in internet usage which has required further increase in network capacity.

The expansion work is part of the company’s continuous efforts to ensure good availability and reliability of internet infrastructure, according to Zamtel Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Mupeta.

Mr Mupeta observed that the steady rise in data usage especially on its velocity offering had added pressure on the existing network capacity resulting in slower connectivity in some places.

“Our new Data Core Network capability which will be four times higher will further enhance network reliability and significantly increase overall internet experience which Zamtel is known for.

“We ask our customers to bear with us as we work around the clock to complete the expansion, which will improve their internet experience,” he said in a statement.

Once the expansion work is completed, Zamtel’s data network capacity will be four times higher and will offer superior internet customer experience.

Company Chief Technical and Information Officer, Jason Mwanza, indicated that company engineers were working on maintaining certain segments of the network and devising the most efficient process possible in order to limit service interruption

Mr Mwanza explained that this was meant to minimise the impact of disruptions.

“We are expanding the Data Core Network from 24Gbps to 104Gbps. In the process, we may experience intermittent disruptions of internet services during the period of upgrade,” he said.

Regular updates will be provided through the usual channels including SMS and official Zamtel social media platforms.

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