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By ROGERS KALERO                           

ARCHITECTS of reckless privatisation which led to closure of companies, hunger and poverty in communities are now taking advantage of their evil and selfish deeds to de-campaign the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and misleading Zambians that they have solutions to the economic challenges the country was facing,’’ the PF Copperbelt Presidential campaign team has charged.

The team said individuals who sold the Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone at a giveaway price should be exposed. Deputy Media chairman of the Copperbelt Presidential campaign team Moola Munalula said the architects of reckless privatisation have no intentions of improving people’s lives if they formed government, but their interests was to come and advance their personal and business interests.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Munalula said instead of providing wise counsel to the government, some of those who were involved in privatisation, took advantage of the situation to amass wealth for themselves, leading to the closure of companies.

He said it was disappointing that, at a time President Edgar Lungu was struggling to correct the mess caused by the reckless privatisation, some businessmen turned. politicians were taking advantage of the effects of their reckless privatisation to call for regime change.

“If those who were involved in privatisations like some of those we know had the heart for Zambians like they are claiming now, they would have advised the government on which direction to go to avoid job losses, but they were heartless and selfish.

“Instead of giving advice to government to avoid job losses, they decided to use the process to amass wealth for themselves and leaving majority in poverty and hunger following the closure of companies. This is the same crop of people seeking political leadership today,’’ Mr Munalula said.

Mr Munalula said Zambians, especially Copperbelt residents should not forget that some politicians who were now blaming the PF for unemployment and poverty in communities, were actually the architects of reckless privatisation which left towns like Luanshya to be ghost towns.

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