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FORMER minister Water Development, Sanitation and Environment Protection Raphael Nakacinda has urged custodians of state machinery to counsel President Hichilema on the need for him to follow laid down government procedures as he governs the country.

In reference to revelations made by UPND secretary Batuke Imenda, that President Hichilema would not move into State House’s Nkwazi House, the official residence of an incumbent president , but remain in his house situated in New Kasama, Nakacinda said the move was tantamount to plunder of national resources and a breach of national security.

“Now we are hearing that he is even refusing to move from his private property. He wants it gazetted so that he does not move to State House. That is outright plunder of national resources. Because then the government will be compelled to convert the so called community house into a well facilitated, equipped residence for the President. Let us not joke about these things. Now if we spend a lot of money on his residence. What happens when he loses in 2016?” said Nakacinda.
“Two, where his house is in Forest 27 or is it Forest 27. It is remote, away from other facilities necessary to make sure that the President is well secure. So it’s not about wanting to live in a mansion, you are now public property and you are expected to be looked after by the public.”
Nakacinda said what was at stake was the sovereignty of the state, a matter that no one should joke about.

“Whoever is patronizing him, telling him he can do what he wants… where are the custodians of state machinery to move in and tell our new president before he makes blunders,” he said.
“Mr Hakainde Hichichilema President of the Republic of Zambia. You are no longer a private citizen, you are president of the Republic of Zambia. You can’t tell us you have appointed a team without telling us who is in the team because we are suspicious.”

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And reacting to a tweet by President Hichilema in which he said he had assigned his economic team to begin evaluating tax reforms and remedying the numerous errors made in the country’s economic management, Nakacinda said he was suspicious of who was advising President Hichilema for as long as they were anonymous.
He said no imperialist would be allowed to capture the state power through the back door.
“I am seeing foreigners advising you on the route to take because they want to take advantage of his being new… not understanding things so that they continue cannibalising our resource,” he said.
At the same function Nakacinda launched what he coined ‘Operation Binoculars’ which he said he would use to offer rigorous checks and balances to the UPND government.

Meanwhile Nakacinda said the PF party should not allow itself to be intimidated by UPND.
“…Sending DEC (Drug Enforcement Commission) without following laid down regulations. There is no way they can begin to search people’s houses without obtaining warrants from the courts. That is an infringement of human rights, “said Nakacinda .
“They can’t send somebody to go and search a house over a warrant signed by their director general.”

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