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….no doubt that he would deliver to the expectations of Zambians who were eager for a transformation.

DR Situmbeko Musokot- wane has vast experience that will help stir the country’s economy to greater heights and recover from the slump, says the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ).

EAZ president Lubinda Haabazoka said he had no doubt that Dr Musokotwane would deliver to the expecta- tions of Zambians who were eager for a transformation.

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Dr Haabazoka said the Fi- nance minister had a proven track record since he had earli- er served in the same capacity during the MMD regime.
He assured Dr Musokotwane of continued support from the EAZ and all well-meaning Zambians that wanted to see the country forge ahead.

“I personally feel his track re- cord is above par but the thing is he should hit the ground running now so that people’s expectations are met as soon as possible,” he said.

Meanwhile he challenged the new minister not to discard good policies that were left be- hind by the previous regime just because they were political opponents.

Dr Haabazoka said that there was need to work and improve on certain things that were implemented by the PF Government before they lost power.

He said former president Edgar Lungu On 16 Decem- ber 2020, launched the coun- try’s Economic Recovery Programme (ERP) 2020-2023 that brought together a set of necessary multisectoral poli- cies and interventions aimed at restoring and building back and bettering the economy in order to deliver on the national priorities.

He said the new minister needed to critically look at this and not just overlook it because they were in different camps if the country had to prosper.
Dr Haabazoka said that the new president had shown the will to improve the economy and that he hoped he contin- ued on the same trajectory.

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