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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has reaffirmed that Zambia will remain a Christian nation and that State House will be open to all churches because the body of Christ is one.

President Hichilema said his administration would engage all the churches and other religions to work together in deepening the actualisation of Zambia as a Christian nation. Mr Hichilema said he would like to go beyond the declaration of Christian nation by living and practicing it because faith without works amounts to nothing.

He said this in Lusaka yesterday at State House during the praise and worship service by the Seventh-Day Adverntist Church. “We are a Christian nation and we shall remain so. But we should actually live like Christians and not pronounce it by words of mouth only. We need to live it, walk it, dream it and relate to each other like true Christians,” President Hichilema said.

President Hichilema however said despite Zambia being a Christian nation, he would uphold religious freedom and tolerance of others. The Head of State said his Government would ensure that Zambia remained a Christian nation with no particular church denomination being superior to another. He said the body of Christ was one and therefore State House would be open to all churches. “State House will be open to all churches because Christ is one.

All are welcome including non-Christian churches. We are one, Jesus Christ never came here to divide us,” he said. The President has also asked the church to pray for his administration so that God can guide them as they took the national leadership to uplift the welfare of the citizenry. “Pastor and the team, and the other churches including those that are coming tomorrow (today), pray for us, guide us, so that we succeed for the sake of the Zambian people,” he said.

He said his government has an urgent duty to provide clean drinking water in villages to ease the burden of many rural women. Meanwhile, in delivering a sermon, Pastor Hamilton Mulendema advised the congregants and Zambians at large to never look down on anybody because God was a game changer for those that believed in him.

Pastor Mulendema said President Hichilema’s journey to become head of state was testimony of God’s goodness because he survived so many battles. He also advised President Hichilema to incorporate people of integrity in his Government so that the country could prosper. He also advised Mr Hichilema to forgive and reconcile with those that might have offended him when he was in the opposition because that was God’s plan to prepare him…


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