Dear Editor,

WE want to congratulate President Hakainde Hichilema on the balance in regards to regions of the new appointments he has made in the security wings. This demonstrate a real One Zambia One Nation which he has been preaching prior to his election as Republican President. 

We however want to hasten to say that he ought not to forget the plight of the youth as he is making these appointments as this will surely balance the energy in spearheading the success of this country’s economy. 

Youths are a serious stakeholder to this country’s economic independence and progress. President Hichilema ought to include the young people of this nation to decision-making positions as being ignored has been the case in all the recent successive governments.

As an organisation whose sole purpose is to drive youth participation in all sectors of the economy,  we urge the new President to seriously consider looking at youths in his future appointments.  

Youths have always been ready to participate in the governance of this nation as and when chance was to be availed to them.

We congratulate the appointed and it is no time for honeymoon but, time to work instead. Let those appointed be partial and inclusivity must be the anchor of their service delivery to the Zambian people.

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