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ON-GOING revenge attacks on PF members by cadres from the UPND, if not stopped immediately has potential to cause  civil strife which will have negative consequences on the country’s unity and peace, says Bishop Council of Zambia(BCZ) general Secretary Able Kaela. 

He said the church is concerned with the high number of cases of political violence against PF cadres perpetuated by alleged UPND members who are aggrieved by the manner they were treated during the previous administration.

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Bishop Kaela advised the perpetrators of this violence to reflect and stop the attacks as this has the potential to put the country on fire.

He said the country is known for peace, therefore the church expects that political parties will put aside their political misunderstandings and forge ahead in rebuilding the economy in the new normal. 

“These acts of violence should be brought to an end because left to continue, they have the potential to disturb peace and harmony the country is known for,” he said. 

Bishop Kaela appealed to leaders in the UPND to tame their cadres not with lip service but in action as well. 

He said while the church welcomes the condemnation of violence by the President-Elect, Hakainde Hichilema, the words should be followed by action, so that Zambians regardless of their political affiliation can continue enjoying peace and freedom as enshrined in the Republican constitution.

Bishop Kaela said this is   not time to fight one another but a moment for all Zambians regardless of their political believes to come together and work in unison for the benefit of the country.

He said the church will continue praying for peace in the country and called on all peace loving Zambians to embrace one another as the country ushers in a new Government.

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