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THERE is nothing sinister about the human resource internal audit at Zesco as the physical employee verification exercise is a routine procedure, Zesco Limited Public Relations Manager Hazel Zulu has said. This follows reports that Zesco was about to carry out a massive clean-up after an internal memorandum leaked.

Ms Zulu however said the memorandum was an authentic internal communication which had been shared by unknown individuals on various social media platforms. She said the corporation conducts internal audits of assets and human resources to provide autonomous assurance that the company’s risk management, governance, and internal control processes were operating effectively.

 “This is in line with best practices in Human Resource Management. Zesco re-affirms that there is nothing unusual about the internal audit process of its human resource,” Ms Zulu said in a statement. She said Zesco would continue to promote organisational values of integrity, commitment and open to new ideas.

According to the memorandum, all employees must be followed in the respective stations to verify their physical presence or absence in their departments according to company records. Human Resource Managers have also been tasked to ensure all employees sign against their names to confirm their existence and that a confirmation report must be submitted by September 13.

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