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THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is still investigating the matter in which the Ministry of Finance is alleged to have bought ambulances at an overpriced cost of US$288, 000 per ambulance, ACC spokesperson, Queen Chibwe has said.

In an interview, Ms. Chibwe said that the investigations have not yet been concluded. She was responding to concerns over the delay to expedite the investigations into the matter.

She however stated that they would issue a statement on the matter in the 2021 fourth quarter report.

“We are still investigating the matter and the general public and stakeholders must be patient. We will issue a statement on the matter in our 2021 fourth quarter report,” she said. 

The Ministry of Health through the Ministry of Finance is reported to have procured 50 ambulances at a cost of US$288, 000 each. The ambulances are said to have been procured through a contract awarded to Savenda Limited.

It is believed that the whole package cost the ministry of Health US$11.5 million because the ambulances had advanced equipment as they are purpose-built ambulances.

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