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Fulfil campaign promises, stop fighting PF

Fulfil campaign promises, stop fighting PF
THE new dawn government should focus on delivering the promises they made to Zambians and not fighting the former ruling party, a political analyst, Lemmy Bwalya has said.
Mr. Bwalya advised the UPND leadership not to put all their efforts in fighting the former ruling party at the expense of the voters’ expectations.
He said electorates were too expectant to see what they were promised come to fruition, failure to which they would deem the new dawn government as having failed to deliver.
Mr Bwalya said it was important that in as much as government has to fight corruption, they should also fight to appease the people of Zambia by delivering what they promised because the fight against graft would never be an easy fight.
“As much as they are fighting against corruption, they should also put into consideration that time is not waiting for them to finish fighting corruption before they could deliver what they promised the electorate who are highly expectant,” he said.
And Mr Bwalya advised PF and former government officials to prove their innocence of corruption allegations levelled against them.
Mr. Bwalya said the former PF officials should just adjust themselves and allow the current government to work and at the same time prove themselves innocent of the alleged corruption.
He said in an interview that whenever there is a change of government there is always a shift in administration hence the need for the PF members to acknowledge that there is a new government in place led by President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND party.
Mr Bwalya said it’s important for the PF to acknowledge that each political party has got its own way of governing the country and delivering to the people and in this case, the current government has embarked on fighting corruption.

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