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Open grade 8 class planned at Miombo Primary School

Open grade 8 class planned at Miombo Primary School


PLANS are underway to put up an Open Grade eight Class at Miombo Primary School in Luto ward of Wusakile constituency to reduce the walking distance of pupils seeking secondary school education,” Kitwe District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Christopher Nyungila has said.

Mr Nyungila said Miombo Primary School only goes up to grade seven and so pupils seeking secondary education walk a distance of more than seven kilometres to Lufwanyama and Zambia National Service (ZNS) .

In an interview in Kitwe after visiting the school in the company of Luto ward Councillor Rogers Chanda, Mr Nyungila said, apart from put-ting up an Open Grade eight class, government will also provide two more teachers to the eight teachers at the school.

“The distance which pupils cover to seek grade eight school places is more than seven kilometres. They either go to Lufywanyama or ZNS. So we decided that we should put up an open grade eight class at Miombo school which only goes up to Grade seven.

“This arrangement will reduce the walking distance of the pupils to Lufwanyama and ZNS. This class will not disturb the running of Miom-bo school,” Mr Nyungila said.

And speaking later, Mr Chanda thanked the DEBS for his initiative and urged him to continue with his spirit of hard work which has seen many challenges and problems being addressed under his leadership.

Mr Chanda said Mr Nyungila has been a hard working, understanding and cooperative DEBS as evidenced by the number of issues he had addressed in various schools .

“Our DEBS, Mr Nyungila, you have been hard working and this is why when we have challenges we call upon you to help us. Continue with the good works. God will reward you ,” Mr Chanda said.

Two weeks ago, Mr Chanda disclosed that about K54,000 was needed for the construction of Kapula-Chilobwe bridge on Kamabanda stream to connect Kitwe and Lufwanyama districts in Luto ward of Wusakile constituency.

Mr Chanda said it was important that funds were made available to construct the bridge on Kamabanda stream to ease the transportation of people, agricultural inputs and produce between the two district.s

Mr Chanda said the absence of the bridge on Kamabanda stream has been forcing women to undress up to the thighs when crossing the stream especially after a heavy down pour.

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