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Police investigations should be done professionally – DP

Police investigations should be done professionally – DP


THERE is nothing wrong with police investigating people who might have committed crimes regardless of their political affiliations, how-ever this should not be laced with politics, says Democratic Party President Harry Kalaba.

Mr Kalaba in an interview said the crusade that was being conducted by the police should not be seen to have a political finger in it but these investigations should be done professionally.

He said it would be very unfortunate if it was discovered that there was a political finger behind the probes but indicated that he had faith the police were professional in their dealings.

He said that no one was above the law and if people committed crimes then the law needed to be followed to the latter whether one was from ruling or opposition.

‘’As long as a crime was committed then let the law enforcement officers do their job to get to the bottom of the matter,’’ he said.

Mr Kalaba said that it would be unfortunate if the ruling party would use it to fight its political battles.

He said he hoped this was not an issue of tit for tat but a genuine crusade that was not targeting former ruling PF members.

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