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`Sleepy’ PF told to wake up and be proactive

`Sleepy’ PF told to wake up and be proactive
PF should wake up from slumber and join a petition by the UPND in the Constitutional Court which seeks to make it easy to nullify election petitions because it is at the verge of losing all its 60 petitioned seats, veteran Politician George Mpombo has said.

Dr. Mpombo said the intentions for the petition by the UPND was clear and if PF did not care, they were likely to lose all their seats in parliament if they allowed this to go on.
He said he understood that PF was going through a very difficult time in trying to find new leaders and rebrand but they should not let that blind them from the moves that UPND was making.
“They should read the writing on the wall,” he said.

UPND Media Committee member Joseph Busenga has asked the court to nullify section 97 (2) (a) of the Electoral process Act which makes it difficult for the tribunal and the courts to nullify elections on unproven allegations against the winner.
Dr. Mpombo also said that PF should be proactive on some of these matters that involve the party because that was the only way they could inspire their members when they were active on matters that were aimed at destroying the party.

He said UPND was hell-bent on making sure that PF was destroyed and uprooted from Zambian politics as soon as possible.

“PF should not let the dagger be deep into them before they can act,” he said.

Dr. Mpombo said PF should appear to be proactive when they were being targeted so that they take a position in this particular matter.
He said it was important that PF takes a position in this matter because if they do not do so, the consequences would be too much for them to bear.

Dr. Mpombo said it would be naïve if PF chose to watch things start to happen which they know very well that they will be broken by them.

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