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They are just cadre permsecs

They are just cadre permsecs

Dear Editor,

WE were promised Permanent Secretaries that were professional and appointed purely on meritocracy.

The list unveiled on Friday falls way too short of that benchmark.  What we received is a list full of UPND cadres and others who served in MMD and PF with no trace of history as professional civil servants.

We wish to also challenge our learned colleagues in the legal fraternity to render guidance on whether President Hakainde Hichilema is right to appoint a losing parliamentary candidate in the just ended general election to the position of Deputy Permanent Secretary. 

What I do understand (and I could be corrected) is that a person who contests and loses in a general election is not eligible for appointment to a government position in the life of that parliament.

In any case, even if Ms. Beauty Undi’s somehow is eligible, the fact that she is a losing party candidate in Kasenengwa makes her appointment as Deputy Permanent Secretary for Eastern Province irregular.

So much for being methodical!


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