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UPND has sponsored its surrogates, including youths, to call for constitutional reforms so that the law can be changed to allow gay and lesbianism in Zambia, PF member of the central committee Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Mr Nakacinda also accused UPND of parading around some non-governmental organisations with posters trying to call for the removal of former President Edgar Lungu’s immunity.

But UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa dismissed the claims, describing them as baseless and empty accusations aimed at diverting people’s attention from real issues.

He said Government would only make amendments to correct the lacunas in the constitution in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including members of Parliament.

He said it was time to debate the national budget and not things that were not in existence.

Mr Mweetwa said the claims were false as the ruling party would not waste its time in sponsoring individuals for demonstrations instead of implementing Government projects to uplift the living standards of the people.

“For us, we feel this is a time for policy debate not politics what Mr Nakacinda and PF are doing is politics and we don’t want to move off from our rail of talking of the developmental agenda of this country.

“So we don’t want to respond to Mr Nakacinda. Mr Nakacinda and PF are an opposition political party who are misguided, they don’t understand the role of the opposition political party. I can tell you that there is nothing of that sort as far as l know,” Mr Mweetwa said.

Mr Nakacinda said there were schemes by the ruling party to change the constitution and bring in values that are not Zambian.  

“There is a scheme meant to try and build numbers so that those issues of gays and lesbianism could find their way on the floor of the House.

“Some paid up surrogates and UPND youths are parading around with posters calling for the removal of immunity for President Edgar Lungu, only to feed into the narrative suggesting that there must have been a lot of things that went wrong in terms of corruption, fraud and theft when he was in office,” he said.

Mr Nakacinda urged the courts and other relevant institutions to continue protecting the values and the rule of law.

He accused the government of having embarked on a fishing expedition to find wrong doings under President Lungu’s administration.

They have gone out of the country searching for things that Mr HH just imagines in his head. He has this imaginary notion that President Lungu has properties all over the world and PF ministers have properties all over the world. They have been in Turkey, Dubai, South Africa and other countries attempting to find something that they can use to feed into the narrative that there was corruption in PF,” Mr Nakacinda said.

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