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DMMU enhances preparedness for tropical storm Ana


GOVERNMENT  has enhanced preparedness for the looming tropical storm called Ana that is developing over the Mozambique Channel and expected to hit some parts of Zambia.

The office of the Vice President through the Disaster Management and Mitigation (DMMU) said it had learnt lessons from the floods in Southern Province and unit was working on modalities to address the effects of the storm as predicted by the Zambia Meteorological Department.

In an interview, DMMU national coordinator, Gabriel Pollen said some of the preparedness that government had put in place include the prepositioning of food and non-food items in strategic areas for possible and timely response to the effects of the storm.

Dr Pollen however said the unit would soon issue a conclusive statement once Vice President, Mutale Nalumango and other cabinet ministers meet to discuss how to handle the predicted effects of the tropical storm.

He said for now, the unit was steadily monitoring the situation in Mozambique and other affected countries to draw lessons on how best to handle the disaster.

On Tuesday, the Meteorological Department warned that a tropical storm was likely to hit some parts of the country resulting in strong winds and heavy rains.

Meteorological Department director, Edson Nkonde warned that the tropical Storm called Ana, will see Zambia recording the highest rainfall pattern this season which shall cause floods and destruction of trees and infrastructure in most parts of the country.

Mr Nkonde has urged citizens to avoid standing under trees but stay indoors and avoid crossing flooded places   as they risk being swept away by  flood currents during this period

“Stay indoors during thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, avoid crossing flooded rivers and streams whether on foot or in a motor vehicle,” he warned.

Mr Nkonde stated that  tropical storm Ana had been recorded in the eastern part of the country, and is expected to spread its effects to the central and southern parts.

The storm, he said, which has already caused havoc in some parts of neighboring Mozambique, may also result in heavy rains which will lead to low visibility, flash floods, waterlogging until next Monday.


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