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GOVERNMENT should focus on its  development agenda and not other things that would not help recover the economic crisis that the country is going through, the Leadership Movement (LM) has advised.

Leadership Movement president, Richard Silumbe, said Government was currently focusing all it’s energy on issues that did not add value to the country instead of getting to work.

Dr Silumbe said it was unfortunate that despite the people of Zambian giving the party in power the mandate to rule the country, campaign promises are far from being visible.

He said the UPND  made a lot of promises to the people of Zambia which it has not shown the confidence to deliver.

 What was seen today, he said, was not matching with the promises that were given during the campaigns.

“ Zambians are expecting a lot of things from the government in terns of developement and how the country’s economy can recover, and not the things goverment was doing now.

“ We do not expect the government to continue on  this  path of chasing after people to arrest at the expense of developement,” he said.

Dr Silumbe said that government would realise when it is too late that they did not touch not even one of it’s promises to the people if it continued moving at the pace it was moving.

He said the earlier government realized that it was taking a  wrong path in the way it was  running the affairs of the nation, the better.

He said time for politicking was long gone, hence, the need for it to get running and deliver.

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