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Just ‘fix’ it, UPND urged


IT IS extremely unwise for the UPND administration under President Hakainde Hichilema to constantly blame PF which is no longer in power instead of delivering on their campaign promises, Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) leader Jackson Silavwe has said.

Mr Silavwe said the new administration should stop comparing themselves to the PF at the expense of fulfilling their campaign promises to the Zambian people.

“It will be extremely unwise for the UPND and President Hichilema to constantly compare themselves to the PF whose pleas to continuously be in a relationship with the people of Zambia was denied  by 2.8 million plus times,” Mr Silavwe said.

He told the Daily Nation that it was no  time for the UPND administration to constantly blame and compare themselves to PF.

Mr Silavwe noted that paying close attention to the current political dance involving the UPND and PF, it was evident that President Hichilema’s administration was trying to prove itself to the former ruling party instead of sorting out the problems citizens were faced with.

Mr Silavwe urged President Hichilema to fully take up the responsibility of governing the people and not waste time   blaming the party that was rejected.

“When President HH spoke from his residence as President-elect and on his inauguration, PF was completely deflated. PF was paralysed. Nowadays, the actions of President HH and UPND seem to give the PF what is familiar to them,” he said.

Mr Silavwe said in as far as the 2021 general election was concerned, the people of Zambia dumped the PF in favour of the new flame in the name of the UPND and President Hichilema and citizens were expectant.

He said the only eye that should catch the UPND’s attention should be that of the Zambian people collectively.

At the risk of sounding rude, he said, UPND owes the PF nothing but owes the people of Zambia everything.

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