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Mundubile cries foul on article 52

LAWS like article 52(6) of the constitution would have been amended if proposed constitution amendment bill 10 was allowed to go through, Patriotic Front member of the central committee in charge of legal, Brian Mundubile, has said.

Mr Mundubile, who is also leader of the opposition in Parliament, said that the provision was strongly oopposed by the opposition then when it was proposed to be amended under bill number 10.

He said that they warned the people when they were in government that the provision under that particular article was a bad law and they were going to have problems with it in future.

“We warned them that problems are going to emanate from this if nothing was done,” he said.
Mr Mundubile said that the problems that were being faced in the Kabwata by-election would have been avoided if they had gone ahead with the constitution amendment.

He said this in a televised interview when he was discussing the cancellation of the Kabwata by-election.

“If you were to ask me whether that particular article is good or bad, I would say it is bad.
He said that the drama that was being faced in the Kabwata by-election would continue for a long time until that particular law was amended.

Mr Mundubile said that the Electoral Commission of Zambia acted within the law by cancelling the election after the United Progressive Party candidate withdrew from the election because that was the way the law was.

He said that was the way the law was but that was not the way it ought to be.

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