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OPPOSITION Patriotic Front has written a protest letter to the EU, over the flying of rainbow flags at European Union member embassies in support and commitment to LGBTQI rights in the country. 

In a letter addressed to EU head of delegation Jacek Jankowski and copied to all Church mother bodies, Foreign Affairs Minister, Justice Minister, Human Rights Commission, and others, PF acting president Lubinda stated that the party is displeased with promotion of LGBTQI rights in the country.

He said as an immediate past government, the PF is deeply concerned and displeased with the stance by diplomats from Europe to openly support the agenda that they know does not have support from the Zambian society.

Mr Lubinda said the PF finds the action as a deliberate attempt to undermine the sovereignty of Zambia, adding also that it’s criminal under the laws of Zambia.

He reminded the EU that the actions by the embassies, by which they describe the LGBTQI agenda as “human right”, does not have the support of the Bill of Rights, the Republican Constitution.

He said actions by the embassies are a serious abrogation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other Treaties that entreat Diplomatic Missions to respect the laws, regulations and traditions and cultures of host nations.

Mr Lubinda said in future EU countries should desist from pushing the agenda that encourages citizens to commit crimes.

He also said the party is hopeful that Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Justice, will deliver a Note Verbal to EU embassies stating the country’s objection to the stance taken by EU diplomatic Missions in the country.

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