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Ban Alcohol Movement embark on a 546 kM awareness walk to Chipata


THE Ban Alcohol Movement lead by founder Dr. Brian Sampa has embarked on a 546-kilometre walk from Lusaka to Chipata expected to take about 11 days.

Early yesterday which marked the sixth day of the awareness walk, the team approached Mpashya game reserve in Luangwa and is expected to arrive in Chipata after four to five days.

Dr. Sampa said in an interview that once the awareness walk to end alcohol is done, they would issue a petition to ban alcohol which would be presented to President Hakainde Hichilema.

He said alcohol is one of the factors that has derailed economic development because it has created a lot of problems for the country such as low productivity, high crime rate, mental health challenges and diseases such as diabetes and tuberculosis among others.

Dr. Sampa said the first republican President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda at one time threatened to resign because of people drinking excessively because he knew that people who drink are not productive.

He feels that once alcohol is banned, the country would achieve the much needed economic development.

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