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Heartless Laura Miti chastised for demonising Tutwa Ngulube


IT is not only against Zambian and African culture and values, but it is also inhuman and barbaric for anyone to celebrate somebody’s death, the Patriotic Front has said.

The former ruling party says Zambians should learn to respect the dead regardless of their political and personal rivalry.

PF Copperbelt Mobilisation Secretary Kangwa Puta said as Africans and Zambians in particular, it was considered heartless and a taboo to make unpalatable comments about someone who has died.

Ms Puta was reacting to what she described as some heartless comments and remarks by some people seemingly celebrating the death of  renowned lawyer, Mr Tutwa Ngulube, a member of the  PF’s central committee and former Kabwe Central Member of Parliament.

Ms Puta said it was shocking that Ms Laura Miti, a Human Rights Commission Commissioner could be so cold and heartless to publicly celebrate the death of Mr Ngulube on the basis that she did not like his kind of politics.

Ms Puta said it was inhuman and barbaric for Ms Miti to turn to her Face-book page to celebrate the death of Mr Ngulube and describe him as a political nuisance

Ms Puta said the PF was not asking for sympathy from Ms Miti and others who hated Mr Ngulube, but was merely asking for people to uphold the Zambian culture and values of respecting the dead and the bereaved families.

Ms Puta said, contrary to Ms Miti’s opinion that Mr Ngulube was a political nuisance, the former Kabwe Member of Parliament was a renowned lawyer who understood what democracy was all about and his passion and desire was to ensure that everyone enjoyed their human rights.

She said, apart from being a renowned lawyer, Mr Ngulube was a much valued and loved member of the PF who was intelligent, bold and a man who stood for the truth.

“The former MP was not only valued in the PF circles but the country at large. The opposition politicians, in particular, had time and again appreciated his priceless contribution. The gap he has left in the political fraternity will not be easy to fill. We indeed have been hit with a severe and overwhelming loss. 

“He was a determined achiever. A well-seasoned politician that he was and ensured he served the people to the best of his ability, in fairness and equality. We mourn an outstanding and notable lawyer, widely known for his successful career. A lawyer of good standing and well respected in his profession and beyond,’’ Ms Puta said

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