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.…Getrude Imenda, the ruling party deputy secretary general says those involved in the Sugilite scandal should not be linked to the UPND


THE UPND members who were involved in the Sugilite scandal should not be linked to the ruling party as they were acting in their individual capacity and not on behalf of the party, Gertrude Imenda has said.

Ms. Imenda said President Hakainde Hichilema has been very clear that when a person was involved in corrupt activities, they were on their own and would have to account for their illegal undertakings.  She said none of the suspects had said that the money from the illegal mining of Sugilite was going to the party and that it was unfair to brand the UPND a corrupt political party.

Ms. Imenda said there was a very big difference between what was happening under the UPND government and what was happening during the PF reign where the party in power at the time was protecting corrupt people. 

She said President Hichilema had taken stern action against all the members who were breaking the law by engaging in illegal activities.

“You see, President Hichilema meant it when he said there are no sacred cows under his administration and he was living up to his words. President Hichilema has said time and again that he shall not tolerate corruption or any form of illegality. Those who were involved in illegal mining of Sugilite were not committing the crime in the name of the UPND and shall therefore account for their actions individually. They should not therefore be linked to the UPND because the ruling party is a disciplined political organisation,” Ms Imenda said.

Ms. Imenda said firing and disciplining members of the ruling party was unheard of under the previous government but Mr Hichilema had demonstrated that the UPND was ready to uphold the rule of law regardless of who was involved.

And Ms Imenda has said the UPND government is not in any way harassing the former first family as what was happening to them was that former President Lungu’s family was only being asked to account for the wealth they had accumulated.

Ms. Imenda said only former President Edgar Lungu had immunity and it did not extend to his family members, including his wife and children.

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