Charlse Mubita: Aiming High with Purpose, Passion in Education


“When you love your profession, you begin to dream big. If your field is law, you can do more than just be an advocate; you can start your own law firm, or be a partner in one. And If you are a teacher, instead of merely teaching in a school, you can begin to dream of running your own school.

The key is to be proud of what you do, embrace it, and pursue it with a passion,” said CEO and proprietor at MUTEC Academy, situated along Nationalist road, behind Libala primary school.

Asked who really Charles Mubita is, he responded, “Charles Mubita, was born on 6th October, early 90s, at Chawama Level One Hospital, Lusaka. I did my primary education at Kamwala South primary and completed with a certificate, then did my secondary education at Libala secondary of which I completed with a full certificate. After my secondary school levels, I enrolled at Rockview University to pursue Secondary Teaching In Mathematics and Geography of which I was awarded a diploma. I then enrolled for a degree in the same field at Twinpalm University. Currently am doing my masters degree with Africa University in biostatistics hoping to finish by next year”

He said the high-pupil-teacher ratio in most schools which always has a negative effect of low pass rates on learners is what inspired his concept of opening a learning centre and since it’s inception in January, of 2016, Charles, has managed to employe six (6) permanent teachers, and four (4) who are on part time services. “I have always been passionate with education and when I looked at the learning standards in our country as in respect of the teacher-pupil-ratio which has mostly contributed in the low pass rate of pupils because it’s not every learner who can fully understand right away when the teacher is teaching in the capacity of more than 60 plus against one teacher, I thought of contributing a solution to this issue and being a trained, qualified teacher, I thought it wise to open a learning academy that can help learners who are having challenges in different subjects and that’s how MUTEC Academy come to be”

Under his visionary management, the learning institution has seen exponential growth in its enterprise, having started off as a little known tuition centre. Today, the academy not only points to where they are going, but also how far they have come in the education sector as they commemorated eight (8) years in January, 2023 of existence and progress: from the initial one on one physical tutoring, the institution has also expanded into introducing online tutoring.

“Our strategy has been not to having more than 20 pupils in one classroom, which has really helped our teachers to produce a 100% pass rate, in respect of our Zambian syllabus under the Ministry of General Education because we fully understand the difference in learner’s understanding when it comes to academic work. We offer tutoring from Grade 7 to 12, GCE as well as the IGCSE and A levels”


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