Most successful entrepreneurs don’t leave success to chance. They build on opportunities. And for, Tatiana Mercy Basa, the CEO and proprietor of “Elshadai Fashions and Beyond” figuring out her niche market was essential process of starting her business as she wanted to provide a product or service that connects with target audience’s wants and needs. Today, she has managed to create and cement a fashion business brand that is making waves in this industry.

Asked what was the inspiration behind the business brand being created, she said, “My motivation came straight from a deep passionate love for clothing design. This desire started since I was 12 years old and through the years the feeling became more stronger and has never left me. Let’s just say God, has been on my side since day one. We have been running our business online since 2017 and we have managed to get two shops, one at downtown and another at petroda filling station, Lilayi”

With determination and focus as her driving force, Tatiana, said her future plans and aspirations for her business are to see it go international and create employment for fellow youths. Asked what separates her business from others and what have been the biggest challenges faced, she responded, “we are unique, we have quality and affordable stuff. I faced a lot challenges selling my products online like when I post in some selling groups on Facebook, I would get blocked for unknown reasons. We also got scammed a number of times. Another thing that was difficult was learn from people that where already in the game. Many refused to share Intel about the business because they felt one would do better then them. But the passion of wanting the business to succeed became very therapeutic and helpful despite the challenges faced. I also felt a fire inside and never wanted to let my circumstances define me. My mission became doing what I love and never giving up on myself or my dreams”

Tatiana, who who credits her success to her never-giving-up attitude, was quick to give advise to those wanting to venture into such a business, “God should be the center of everything. Remain focused, and don’t let anyone or anything make you feel you are not worthy. In short, don’t give up. Never stop pushing. The sky is not the limit”


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