Introducing Margret Mwewa


Meet Margret Mwewa, a 21-year-old dynamo who’s redefining the world of beauty, talent, and content creation. Not only is she a first-year student at TVTC College in Luanshya, but she’s also a thriving model, an emerging content creator, and the latest sensation to join Ntangi Talent Management Agency.

Margret’s journey began with a bang when she clinched the title of “People’s Choice” at the Miss Luanshya beauty pageant last year. Her charisma and stunning beauty made her an instant favorite, propelling her into the spotlight.

What sets Margret apart is her ability to balance multiple worlds. She’s not just a model and content creator; she’s also a dedicated student, committed to excelling academically while pursuing her passion.

Her magnetic presence isn’t confined to the runway or TikTok. Margret has graced music videos, proving her versatility and expanding her reach in the entertainment industry.

Margret’s interests span far and wide. She’s passionate about runway modeling, acting, cooking, and exploring new destinations. Her goal is to collaborate with fellow content creators to showcase Zambia’s vibrant culture and lifestyle to a global audience.

The game-changing moment in Margret’s career came with her recent signing to Ntangi Talent Management Agency. This prestigious agency is known for nurturing emerging talents and propelling them to stardom. Margret’s association with Ntangi Talent Management Agency marks a pivotal step in her journey, promising an even brighter future filled with exciting opportunities and collaborations.

As Margret Mwewa continues to dazzle in the realms of fashion, entertainment, and education, her star is on a meteoric rise. Her signing with Ntangi Talent Management Agency reinforces her status as a rising star, poised to captivate brands and audiences alike. Margret Mwewa is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of, and her journey is only just beginning.


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