MEET two-time, award-winning, dance and fitness expert, Rhoda Hantumbu, known for her mix-signature workout of dance, power, focus, determination and toning that leads to visible results. With over 9 years of experience in this fast growing field of dance and fitness, she has managed to build an empire, with her fitness studio located in, Northmead, tagged “Rhoda J Dance and Fitness”. The Daily Nation Lifestyle recently caught up with her to talk everything dance, fitness and her journey in this healthy field.

Asked what inspired her to pursue a career in dance and fitness, she responded, “I loved dancing as a kid and the older I got, so did the love for dance. I joined a dance school at church and started choreographing for Sunday school groups. I was then asked to choreograph a wedding and realised that I could make money out it. I started to choreograph weddings for a fee. One day someone asked if I can come through to the gym and choreograph some ladies in dance. After the session I figured I could make dance out of a fitness thing. There was already ZUMBA then but I wanted mine to be different. I researched on fitness, and started choreographing dances that were more targeted at fitness. I didn’t have a plan in wanting to do dance and fitness but it all just unfolded. I love what I do, I love to help make people feel good about themselves, I am passionate about people’s health, wellbeing and confidence”

Using her years of expertise in dance choreograph and fitness, she has created a cross-training program that incorporates the best workouts for both men and women’s body-transformation in the most effective, efficient, and fun way possible. With a heavy Curriculum Vitae (CV) of clientele she has worked with like; Zambia Association of Manufacturers, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), University Of Lusaka (UNILUS), Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia PLC, Zambian Cancer Society ,Women’s Health and Fitness Zambia, FNB Zambia, ABSA Zambia, Dukutober – Cancer Awareness and Fitness events, she provides a comprehensive training program for participants including dance, tone and power with participants getting empowered to become stronger in their bodies and minds.

Asked what she thinks sets dance apart from other forms of exercise and the benefits in it, Rhoda, responded, “Not anyone can go to the gym and manage lifting weights but this is something that people of all ages, shapes and sizes can do. Dancing has a wide range of physical and mental benefits which including: improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased muscular strength and endurance, increased aerobic fitness, improved muscle tone and strength, weight management, better coordination, agility and flexibility, physical confidence, improved mental functioning, greater self-confidence and self-esteem.


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